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What does GROW Every Day mean?

It may have started as a catch phrase but it can also serve as a guide for personal development. When thinking about my own short comings and how I want to develop as a person I gravitate to a few simple truths. People who are grateful, have strong relationships, eat healthy, sleep well, and keep moving tend to be the happiest.

People come to me daily looking for help. The concerns run the entire gambit but more often than not our "typical" work-up comes back normal. The labs and scans rule out the scary stuff but they fail to diagnose the effects "life". GROW Every Day was developed in hopes of getting into the "life" part of our health.

If we GROW Every Day we will be happier and healthier. What does GROW stand for?

Gratitude attitude

Relationship building

Operate on plants

Work your body

How do we GROW daily?

Each day spend a few minutes growing. Some days you might be able to do all four. Other days it might just be one. There is no set amount that has to be done. You get to pick what is most important to you and work on it that day. No pressure, no rush. Slow, steady, and consistent is the goal. Use the examples below to get started.


Send someone a thank you card

Wave "thanks" when driving (might be revealing my rural roots here)

Pray to start the day

Start a journal (list three things you are grateful for each day)

Mediate to end the day


Have dinner together at the dinner table

Go for a family hike

Play card games together

Do a family challenge (check here)

Attend religious services


Look up some plant based recipes (start here)(then here)(or here)

Set a goal of 50% plant based for a day

Try having a meatless meal

Try going without meat for one day (!!Meatless Monday!!)


Go for a walk or jog

Rearrange the furniture in your house

Try yoga, pilates, or stretching

Mow your yard, chop some fire wood

Join Peloton, local box or gym

Start to improve your sleep (start here)

Commit a few minutes to GROW Every Day and you will be happier and healthier.

#GROW Every Day

- GolfDoc10

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