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How in the world do you take a daily vacation?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Are daily vacations real? Yes!

In the post How do I use positive psychology? I talked about taking a daily vacation. After sipping my coffee by the fire and almost freezing to death (maybe a 37 degree night wasn't the best night to start) I realized I should find a better way to plan my daily vacations.

Lizet Pollen's steps are easier than going to Disney:

1. Pick something you enjoy (no, clinic notes do not count)

2. Put sabotaging thoughts on the shelf

3. Plan at least five minutes (that's faster then a flu swab result)

4. Be in the moment

5. Plan your next trip

6. Share your experience (leave a comment here, there, or anywhere)

“A vacation a day keeps burnout away.” - The Positive Physician

Keep it simple!

Do not make this complicated.

Find something you enjoy doing, plan to do it, and then do it.

While you are doing it focus on the moment, enjoy what is happening.

Smell the coffee a little longer, watch the foam melt into the coffee, and feel the warmth radiate into your hands.

Feel the gravel crunch under your feet, smell the fresh cut grass as you pass the local golf course, and absorb the sun into your skin on your next jog.

Start planning your next vacation!

Live your mission.

- GolfDoc10

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