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Just dance...

There are a million things I could have been doing on this Friday night; laundry, dishes, work—but I chose to dance—with my kids.

We set many unprecedented and unattainable goals for ourselves as people, wives, and mothers. Sometimes we just need to pause and absorb the moment.

My kids had a half day of school, my husband and I were like 2 passing ships. But we got our work done and our kids taken care of. We had framily (friend that is more like family) over tonight for dinner (though to set the stage, Dr. Dave is a staple in our house and my kids are more worried when he is not there because something must be wrong). After a few drinks (*cough, cough* 4 bottles of wine) our night turned into a dance party. I am talking, college level (yeah Notre Dame), Backer-esq dance party. Fully equipped with the likes of Journey, Bruce Springstein, Bryan Adams…

We had a blast. Sang, danced, shed a few tears (some happy, some not—I mean come one it is 9:00pm on Friday and we are dealing with a 2 year old—and a 37 year old—here!).

No matter what life throws at you, no matter the expectations, the goals, the deadlines—sometimes you need to take a minute for yourself (whatever that means) and just dance.

So for today, though short, please remember—Don’t stop believin’, that maybe we were born to run, in 1969!

…until next time, #IrishDoc07

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