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Word choices: There are more to words than the words themselves.

(GROW every day, I would file this under "Gratitude Attitude")

So I was riding my Peloton this morning and Denis Morton kept correcting himself every time he said the word "but". After the 3rd time, he finally clarified and said that the word "but" is an aggressive word. Hmm, I hadn't ever heard that before, though I guess it makes sense. The word "but" implies there is something else to consider/do. And I would argue, usually implies there is a better choice (in the perspective of the one handing out the "buts").

So yes, okay I guess it could be considered aggressive, maybe even inflammatory depending on what follows the word "but".

You can have dessert, but eat your dinner first.

You can go play, but first do your homework.

You can stay up tonight, but you have to take a nap.

These are things I find myself saying to my kids multiples times a day/week. Come to think of it, "but" might actually be in a rolodex of favorite words. Which got me thinking, can I make it go away?

I did this once before with a statement. I used to say "no problem" all the time. When I was a senior in high school, I read that it is not proper etiquette to say the phrase "no problem" in response to someone. It took me all summer, but I did it. I'm not sure anyone else has ever noticed, but I can probably count on one hand, since that summer, that the words "no problem" have come out of my mouth in response to anything!

So the point in this is not to make you question every thing that comes out of your mouth--{well maybe some people should}. This year is a year of growing and working on me, my year of yes. I am trying to increase the positivity in my life. If that means I start cutting out words that may have a negative connotation to them, and in the end I am a better mother, wife, friend, person for it... then let the chopping begin!

...until next time.

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