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COVID-19 vaccine thoughts

Should I get the vaccine? I get this question multiple times a day. Though it is one question that I really don’t mind talking about. So let’s talk about it—

What the COVID vaccine is--per the CDC, a mRNA vaccine that teaches our cells how to make a protein that triggers the immune response in our bodies. This immune response produces antibodies. This is what protects us from getting infected if the real virus enters our body.

This is new and exciting science.

This is safe

This is hope

What this is not: a planted mutant chip that is part of a conspiracy theory, which is just a government set up for a non-existent world-wide pandemic. This will not alter your DNA, this will not cause you to grow a 3rd arm. Though, it could save your life!

Currently there are 2 vaccines with FDA approval, created by Pfizer and Moderna. They are essentially equal in their statistics to prevent COVID-19/severe symptoms from COVID-19. The vaccine also helps reduce the spread of the virus to those most vulnerable. (Of note, there are a few other vaccine in the works.)

Some people can't or won't get vaccinated.

To those that can't, I am sorry, I will do everything I can to be sure everyone else does for your safety.

For those that won't... well, I will just leave that alone because I don't agree with not getting it--it is not even worth a discussion because you will not change my mind (and, unfortunately, I will likely not change yours--though here's to hoping!).

For those that cannot get vaccinated, there is hope. It is called "herd immunity". This is a pretty hot phrase right now, though what does it mean?

So where do we go from here? Each state has a roll out plan for the vaccine. It is based on the guidelines from the CDC, though each state is tweaking it a bit as necessary for their residents. For example, here in NC, after we make it through the health care and other frontline/essential workers and nursing homes, next step is that you have to be 75. Some states have set this to a different age (most of them will start distributing to 65 and above).

Please know that your doctor has no control over this. We cannot go to bat for you, we cannot bully our way to a vaccine for you. Heck, many of us cannot even get it ourselves. In reality, it will be well into the summer (or later) before we are able to vaccinate the "general population".

Yes, we will be in masks for most of 2021. Yes, you will likely need to cancel travel plans. Yes, this is going to get way worse before it gets better.

But FINALLY, there is some light, it is still hard to see, though getting brighter each day. We all have COVID fatigue, but please, we are on the 5 yard close to the touchdown, so close to getting our lives back. Please, stay home, stay safe, follow the CDC and your state and local recommendations. Because when we finally get the ball in the endzone, I want you to be alive to celebrate with me!

...until next time.

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