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Can you spare a minute, or 41?

41 minutes a day... doesn’t sound like much, right? 41 minutes of walking, running, biking, strength, yoga, Pilates, stretching, meditation. 41 minutes seems even more attainable with all those options. Everyone has 5 minutes in the car for a mediation, or a quick walk with the dog....

If you do 41 minutes a day, that is 15,000 minutes a year. And I don’t mean 41 minutes of exercise. Yes, we all know about my love for my Peloton, and yes, this is where the idea is coming from. They have a challenge this year of completing 15,000 Peloton minutes.

But here is, I am learning, the beauty with Peloton... it isn’t just about cycling. It is about growth and development. 2021 has been dubbed the “Year of Yes.” We say yes all day long, to everyone else. But do you say it to yourself—ever?

So let’s try this again. My goal in 2021 is 15,000 minutes of ME TIME...41 minutes a day for me. Can you carve out 41 minutes a day? You do it for you children, your work, your household...but what about for you. Remember you have to feed yourself as well as everyone else.

How do you plan to spend your 41 minutes a day?

...until next time.

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