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Stuck in a pressure cooker?

Ever have that day that was already running away from you before it even started? Yup, that was me today. Due to some unforeseen issues that arose this morning that were out of anyone's control and absolutely needed to happen, I was the lone soldier in clinic. Well, if you have been around any medical office lately, you are well aware how busy they are right now. Which is GREAT! We are so glad to be able to be safely welcoming back patients! But when there are usually four of us, that makes the start to the day a bit overwhelming.

Usually I can handle these sudden changes, though this was not the right day for it to happen to me. Many times through the day I looked at the clock praying it was over. But why? Just because I felt pressure to get through everything--and on time so no one had to wait. Well quick reality check self...when you have 3 visits scheduled at 11:00 and then another at 11:15, you are probably going to run behind.

And where did this unnecessary self-imposed pressure come from? My patients all understood the situation. In fact many told me they didn't mind waiting because they know it is a very rare occurance. And when I am late, usually something is up. Many could see the stress in my eyes, and maybe some tears forming at times as well. But guess what, everyone got what they needed. Some patients only needed 5 minutes of my time today, some needed 30. Some how it all worked out.

But how do we remind ourselves of this before we even find ourselves in the situation. I don't have the answer for that. Trust me, if I did, my life would be a lot less stressful (self-imposed most of the time). Though one thing I try to tell myself is need to give everyone the time they need. I experienced this in clinic today, but it isn't just a focus for clinic, it should be a focus for all aspects of life. My family, my children, my husband, my self. We are all people that deserve the time that we need.

So take home message, it's okay to be late, it is okay to be stressed about that. But when faced with situations that start to make you doubt your abilities, remember this:

just because you are feeling the pressure of the situation around you, you can handle it. I mean, look at Simone Biles...she is a rock star. She got on that balance beam and owned it last night--be like Simone, own your apparatus!

...until next time.

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