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Just say NO!

I was supposed to run this morning with my running crew. But after a later than anticipated night watching basketball and a 2 year old up at 3:30, when my clock went off at 5:30, I quietly said “nope” and went back to sleep. It was the most restful hour I had all night. It has taken me a long time to be able to be okay with saying no.

Why is that? My 2 year old has quite perfected the word. When does it become easier to say yes than no. And why do we do it? Is it because FOMO (fear of missing out) is taking over? Or is it because it is just easier to say yes?

I have always been a yes person, for me it was more about feeling like I was letting someone (usually someone I cared about) down. But I never felt bad if someone told me no—so why the double standard?


I really feel the basis for many health problems in young healthy people, is stress—much of the time, self-inflicted. Trouble sleeping? Over eating? Tired all the time? Hair loss? Many times because our plates are just too full. So why not just say no? The Mayo clinic has a whole section on their website devoted to stress relief. No is absolutely a part of this.

So next time you feel you are just at the end of things (or just really don't want to), and someone asks for something—JUST SAY NO. It is amazing how liberated you will feel, and also how much easier it gets each time going forward.

…until next time, #IrishDoc07

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