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A breath of fresh air...

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a black thumb, but my green thumb is definitely faint. Though since updating my kitchen, I have added some plants—succulents to be exact. I think they are harder to kill!

Then an add popped up on my Facebook feed about the health benefits of plants, and not the kind you eat! So I clicked it. Admittedly I didn’t read the whole article, but what I did see was that plants can help quite a bit--which got me thinking and reading.

So let’s talk science for a minute—and I am talking basic. Green plants consume our carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. You are thinking--so what, we learned that in grade school science. I thought this was a medical blog. But wait, there’s more! Think about it for a minute. The plants inhale what we exhale, and then we inhale what they exhale. They are filtering the air for us!

Actually it was NASA in 1989 that first proved the health benefits of indoor house plants.

As we get into cold and flu season and colder weather, we will be spending plenty of time inside. What if I could tell you that we could make that air inside healthier! Most people do not have air purifiers in their air handler systems. So all we are doing in re-breathing the same air when we are stuck inside.

So do you have allergies, asthma, eczema? These may be some of the best options for you! Here is a great slide show from WebMD on 13 different ways house plants are beneficial!

So, I am not going to try to teach you how to keep plants alive—thank goodness that isn’t a pre-rec for med school! But check out The Modern Planter —I’ll stick to the medicine, and let them stick to the plants!

….until next time, IrishDoc07

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