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Anxiety--let's help shed some of the weight of the world

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Panic, fear, paralyzing—anxiety. If you have it, these words sounds all too familiar and likely hit a little bit close to home. Anxiety is real, it is scary, it is treatable.

Anxiety has many heads. It will affect every person differently. Some people can look anxiety head on, give it the middle finger and move on with it. Others see anxiety inducing triggers and run as far and fast to the hills as they can. And then there are most people, somewhere in the middle.

I am here to tell you, no matter how anxiety triggers you, there are many ways to help!

Some anxiety is situational. For example, fear of flying. There are a few ways to deal with this. Never fly, panic the whole time you are on the flight, drink a large (or two) glass of wine prior to boarding, take an anti-anxiety medication when you get on the plane. Any of the above is okay!

Then there are just daily life anxieties—which right now in life are very present. Schedules, kids, parents, life—all contribute to daily anxieties. Depending on your situation, some people experience this more intensely than others.

Finally, there are some people that cannot seem to even walk across the room without being anxious about something.

Take home message at this point, if you suffer from anxiety, in any capacity—IT IS OKAY!!

The first step is admitting that how you are feeling is not okay for you. Some level of anxiety is normal, this is that whole fight or flight thing you learned in high school science. Some is a very relative word for each person. To some, daily anxiety is tolerable. To some, anxiety once a month is too much. I say, if you feel that what you are experiencing does not work for you, please talk to your doctor!

As a family doctor, I take care of quite a bit of mental health. Some of my patients we get into see a Psychiatrist (a medical doctor) as quickly as we can. Most of them, I am able to help. Many people are going to benefit from counseling—some will need medication. Though the only way to get help is to ask—yes, I know I have said this numerous times, but it is the first step!

You don’t have to live with anxiety—and life can be pretty sweet when you shed that weight that is holding you back!

…until next time, IrishDoc07

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I love this. Thank you!

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