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Did your kid really eat that?

I had two different people ask me today if my children eat the recipes that we have been trying and sharing on the site. My answer back to them—“Heck no!” I’m lucky if I can get all three of my kids to even eat anything for dinner all on the same night. We do a lot of yogurt—it is about the only way to get my daughter any protein, the boys aren’t much better—unless it is bacon, the boys will eat bacon. We are only just getting into the habit of actually all sitting around the table at the same time to eat dinner together.

So it got me thinking, what should kids be eating? Actually, you will probably be surprised that most young, healthy, active kids are going to make pretty good food decision on their own. Now, of course if you put the cookie in plain site, they will jump on that first. So you do have to use some common sense when preparing their meals.

The American Academy of Pediatrics puts out a website called It is a very patient/parent friendly tool. There are many different topics. They have a great section on nutrition. For example, grade schoolers are supposed to get 6-11 servings of carbohydrates a day—thank goodness, yogurt, fruit and noodles are all I can get my 7 year old to eat. Though she doesn’t stop moving, so I guess she really does need all the easily accessible energy that the carbohydrates give her. Another great feature is that it gives a sample menu for your toddler.

Get your kinds involved, make cooking fun. They will soon see what is going into the foods and then will hopefully want to eat them because they actually helped make them. So no, my children are just like your children, they don’t touch anything that I make for us for dinner. Heck once I finally find something they will eat, they won’t eat it any more. And good luck on all three wanting the same thing at the same time!

Be on the lookout for some kid friendly recipes, both for prepping and eating.

…until next time, IrishDoc07

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