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Tighten that core, your back will love you for it!

So let’s talk about your core. You know those muscles that you forget about until you try to a sit up and then are quickly reminded they are supposed to be there, and then aren’t.

Don’t like your flabby belly? Tighten your core.

Have back pain? Tighten your core.

Trouble holding in your pee when you cough? Tighten your core.

I could probably give your twenty more answers just like this.

Your core basically stretches from the ribs to the hips. And it holds up everything in between. These muscles are more than just your abs—they are not only in the front, but the muscles in the back and the pelvic area as well.

If you are an athlete, weak core can lead to easy fatigability, increased injury. If you are not an athlete, weak core can mean back pain, amongst other things.

Well, what does this mean for me? What it means is strengthen your core! This can be done numerous ways. For starters, how about a plank—yup, you probably knew that one was coming since we are about 2/3 the way through our plank challenge this month. But maybe planks aren’t an option for you—there are many ways to strengthen your core. Check out this article from Healthline.

Remember everyone has to start somewhere. I am all about prevention. So work on that core now—even if you aren’t having any issues. And if you are struggling with your back or other areas due to weak core muscles, start at home. Your doctor may recommend PT, but if you can work on this now, you might just fix it yourself!

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