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Why no meat?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

We have had many people ask why we are trying a No Meat November? A couple of reasons:

  1. More Variety: We are not planning to give up meat forever: This is not a forever plan for us. This a month to focus on meatless options, get some recipes in our rolodex.

  2. Health improvement: It is know that red and processed meats cause increased inflammation. Though some level of inflammation is good for the body, too much inflammation can be a bad thing. Increased risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease. But, even chicken and fish can cause inflammation. This was a surprising reality, which is what really made us decide to try this.

What I have learned so far:

  1. There are alternatives to meat that are actually quite good--fortunately we like beans, which is very helpful!

  2. There are meatless options that will still allow you to join in with those eating meat. Last night we had "burgers" while my parents had burgers!

  3. I have more energy!

  4. I am already seeing improvement in my fitness ability! (though maybe this is just the weather change!)

What is to come from this:

  1. We are not giving up meat all together, though I am very happy to say that a plant-slant diet is a very sustainable thing in our house.

  2. When I do eat meat, I will enjoy it!

Maybe this has been something you are wanting to try as well, and if you do--you have all the support in the world from us here at Pinehurst Health. Head to the recipes section, more will be added as the month goes along. Trying some new recipes this week, hopefully they will continue to be wins!

...until next time.

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