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Goodbye 2020!

Happy New Year! Time for love, celebration, happiness, renewal, commitment, resolution. Hmm, resolution...that is an interesting one. I asked my husband this morning, what is your New Year's resolution, and I quickly pulled back my words. I realized resolution might not be the attitude I want for 2021. A friend of our says he has had the same resolution for the past 20+ years, "My New Year's resolution is to not make a resolution." That got me thinking...

What does resolution imply? It implies a want to change something. For many people it means weight loss, dietary changes...gyms are packed for the first few weeks of January (well, maybe not this year), then suddenly things simmer down. Those resolutions seem to become a hind thought. Then suddenly it is March and we go, "oh yeah, I forgot I was going to do that."

So why set ourselves up for failure? Why not try for success from the start?

So instead of say, what is your New Year's resolution? How about we spin are you going to better yourself this New Year? How are you going to make yourself proud? How are you going to be okay with you?

Is it by having a dry January? By running 1000 miles? By promising to say yes at least 10 times in a day? By trying a plant-slant diet? By not watching as much TV and reading more books? {Insert whatever you want here}. Peloton has been focusing on their "Year of Yes" a collaboration with Shonda Rhymes...the underlying theme is being okay with who you are (which is very hard for many of us to try to believe).

Whatever you want for this new year (and yes a vaccine and travel is a great want), try to remember...Resolution {sometimes} implies failure. Let's not set ourselves up for failure this year--Let's make 2021 a year of YES and a year of SUCCESS!

...until next time.

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