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It's Taco Tuesday--

Who doesn’t love tacos? I only just recently (I hate to admit) discovered the beauty of street tacos. Tacos to me were always beef and taco seasoning—of course they weren’t a staple in my diet. With that description, I cannot imagine they would be for anyone!

Then I discovered the beauty of fish tacos, which turned into my love for all things tacos! In particular, my love for shrimp tacos! Here is a fabulous recipe that I made a few weeks ago—I used a low carb wrap for the shell! I have only recently begun to understand why people cook—it actually is very therapeutic and quit rewarding when it tastes good. I haven’t started to venture out on my own, but I feel very accomplished when I follow a recipe well enough that it tastes good!

But let’s talk about the health benefits of shrimp. They are low calorie, high protein, high in many daily recommended vitamins and minerals as well. As with everything, moderation is key as shrimp is high in cholesterol

Though, be careful as 2.3% of the American population (about 7 million people) have a shellfish allergy—sorry unfortunately this one isn’t for you. But, it was a good recipe, so maybe change the protein and you can enjoy too!

Fun fact: flamingos are pink because of all the shrimp they eat~not sure if that will translate to humans…

…until next time, #IrishDoc07

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